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1. Phrase

In essence, the phrase "jokes value" is used as incentive for performing and/or taking part in an activity that may appear trivial, useless and possibly offensive at first glance, but in truth is intended for humorous purposes, and humorous purposes only.

It is unlikely, but not impossible for a person that is participating in a "jokes value" activity to derive any utility from the activity itself other than that which is gained from the humour.

2. Noun

A qualitative attribute directed towards an act or activity that an individual or group of individuals perform or an occurrence that yields humour.
Phrase Example:

Dave: Man, what the hell is wrong with you.. why aren't you wearing any pants? It's like -10 degrees outside.

JMarc: It's for jokes value..


MV: Ah man you hit her? She's so nasty why did you do that?

Kog: For jokes value

Noun Example:

GG: Man I can't believe they found out I slept with them both!

Marco: Yah that has some serious jokes value, son
by Jmarc20 December 13, 2009
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