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Johnny Harper is possibly the most unintentionally funny character to ever grace the television screen.

He was very likeable however the audiences love for Johnny was due not to his manlyness nor his great sense of humour but rather the fact that he was so pathetic people felt sorry for him.

Johnny was unfortunate enough to see his dreams of being a pro surfer flounder when he was hit by a car, he then embarrased himself by expressing his non mutual love for The OC main character Marrissa Cooper after this his bad luck turned into complete stupidity as he passed up the oppurtunity to bone Kaitlyn Cooper and then got drunk and fell off a cliff and died.

It is rumoured with the imminent demise of The OC a spin off serries entitled "The Johnny" is in the pipe lines.

Lets hope it materialises cos Johnny is the man.

Johnny Harper is a dumbass who should have banged Kaitlyn
by Napolean D June 21, 2006
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