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Noun, Nick-Name, Character Definition. (Jah-nee Bee)

One who would be a retired Drug Dealer. Known to look like Jesus, this character is actually based off of a misconception of two societal groups in New Hampshire. The name Blaze -v- originated due to pyromania and a love of all things burning. The Johnny refers to Johnny The Homicidal Maniac of the graphic novel entitled "z?" created by Jhonen Vasquez. Blaze came first and was the accepted alias of the time period between 2003 and 2005. Johnny came later in a different demographic and was the accepted alias from 2004-2005. Though this character has gone by many names (Jesus, Poncho, Kintuo), in the early months of 2006 the two aforementioned groups met and fused. And so the names Johnny and Blaze -v- were combined and Johnny Blaze -v- was coined. There are currently four know Johnny Blazes in the New Hampshire area, this being the only who got his names separately.
You know Johnny Blaze -v- man?
Yeah of course! I used to buy off him back in the day!
Everybody knows Teh Johnny man!
by Johnny Blaze -v- February 24, 2013
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