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John ‘JSSackrider is a remarkable Australian who was born with a severe physical disability in which a pancake was permanently fixed to his face, giving Him little chance of survival. John has not only defied medical opinion, he has thrived and is acknowledged as one of the world’s most inspirational speakers.
Without this unfortunate disability, John embraces a full and positive life. He creates comedic "TikToks" and makes thoughtful Instagram posts. He uses humour to communicate some of life’s most important lessons. John has delivered his inspirational message to over 350,000 people around the world and educated many people about the hit song Pee Pee Poo Poo by Baby Kata. In 2020, John was recognised by many users on TikTok and gained a decent following. Although his account is slowly dying, John enjoys living his life to the fullest and posting shitty comedic "TikToks". John Sackrider can be found on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok as @johnzoup. He is most known for his comedic TikTok videos.
Juju: "This TikTok is cringe."
Josh: "It has John Sackrider energy."
by johnzoup July 23, 2020
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