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PC game designer of 1990s fame, John Romero was the genius/jackanape that introduced us to Wolfenstein3D, DOOM, and Quake.
When not designing new methods of carrying out FPS carnage or dismemberment, he was attending to his rich, luxurious, flowing, hair which, given his near-rockstar status at the time, was not considered homoerotic in the least.
Then... came the infamous and career-destroying FPS-mediocrity that we remember as Daikatana.
Released three years behind schedule, and only after burning through two game engines and over one hundred employees, Daikatana effectively closed an era of PC-gaming, and signaled John Romero's fall from Godhood.
Nevertheless, John Romero's notoriety continues to live on through the power of the Internet -- and the unceasing efforts of meme humorists.
Gamer 1: "John Romero is going to make you his bitch!"
(After pwn'ing a stream of newbs) Gamer 1: "Suck it down!"

(warcry upon respawning) Gamer 2: d41k4t4n4 r0ckz j00!!1!
by MercWithMouth April 13, 2011
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