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A singer that is British, with dreadlocks and always wears a hat. He lives on Manchester, England. He was born on 1st of November 1983 (34 years old), but sadly his mother died when was 11 months. So he made a song called 'We were Raised Under Grey Skies' which is about his mother. He has 4 older sisters (Details Unknown), for some reason, he doesn't want to say anything about his sisters.. So anyways, he has a son (Details Unknown), I guess he doesn't want to say much publicly about his son, but I'll call him Kennedy Cooper. He was featured on a song with Jonas Blue called Perfect Strangers on 2016, so he was well known from that song. Then on 2017, he made his OWN song called September Song and it went to +40,000,000 views on YouTube. And finally, Raised Under Grey Skies album came out and it got other songs like; She's on my mind, Closer, Passport Home and Momma's Prayers.
John Paul Cooper (JP Cooper) so loves Jonas Blue that he always sings 'Perfect Strangers' everytime, even on his worst days..
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by Shaymar News February 23, 2018
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