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Noun; The theory of coming up with countless examples without making it too noticeable in usually a paper or report. Named for the unintentional relevance John Madden uses when spectating football. ² The act of going into another example unintentionally.
The greaks gods of the odyssey were very distinct, You have the four top gods. Poseidon, god of water. He controls the seas and those who rides those seas. The ones who rode these seas and is the most memorable, is Odysseus. Odysseus was a powerful man, coming back from the Trojan war. The Trojan war was a large battle, with the climactic death of achiles...Etc.

² "I just saw my best friend in the park, the park is really nice and beautiful with a lake in the middle, this lake is pretty awesome, ive gone fishing, fishing is pr"- "Dude, stop doing the John Madden theory..."
by Samyouell Fepps April 11, 2011
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