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This is just one of those classic guys. A John Gill has a great personality, a massive penis, and charisma for the ladies. The word renaissance man is inspired after him. His rival opposite, a Jacob Saldivar, is jealous of John Gill's superiority and larger penis size.
"That guy is just the greatest, he must be a John Gill."

"Becky, OMG, John Gill's penis is huge!"
by TheDarkOne3799 March 01, 2018
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This person is a supreme queer. If you are named this its because you are a hill billy inbred. People like this are normally challenged and get caught doing dirty things. This person normally has very crusty hands and a small penis. Even though this person is big their nickname is "Charmin" this is due to their extreme softness/goofyness. In special cases this persons penis is so small it becomes inverted. People named this also like to want their meat with their relatives.
"Where is your penis John Gill, its so small?"

"This guy is so soft and crusty, its because hes a John Gill."
by Thebrownbag March 01, 2018
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