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John Abruzzi is a major mob boss played by Peter Stormare in the show Prison Break. He was sentenced to life in Prison for multiple counts of murder. He escaped from Fox River State Penitentiary with the help of Michael Scofield and several other inmates. After escaping the inmates separated. Michael never gave Fibonacci's location. John, now a man of God went to his wife and kids and planned to go to Sardinia, but still wanted to take revenge on Fibbonacci. When he arrived he realized he was set up and surrounded by FBI agents, refusing to go back to prison he held his cross tight in his hands and said, "I kneel only to god. I don't see him here." He raised his weapon and was gunned down. Peter Stormare wanted to pursue his career in movies so requested his television character be killed off. Besides John being shot multiple times in the chest, it is unknown if he is dead (there is no funeral,or definite representation of his death) In an interview he said Fox had requested he come back as John Abruzzi. But Prison Break was cancelled after season 4 (two seasons after John was gunned down) Many believe he survived the ambush through the use of a bullet proof vest (not proven). John may have been a character in season 5, as well as Michael Scofield. But it is left open to the public, many believing John is deceased. Some proof that could back up Johns survival and return would be through foreshadowing when he leaves the group and says,"who know, mayb we'll meet again"
John Abruzzi survived
He was under the protection of GOD
The wiki says John is dead because he was never shown as a character again in Prison Break
by Prison Breaker August 18, 2013
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John Abruzzi is a fictional character in the TV-Show 'Prison Break'. Being a former mob boss, he is a highly respected and feared man at Fox River, and has several priviliges such as running Prison Industry.
John Abruzzi is cool.
by Alexand0r October 27, 2007
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