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To start, she is a girl with the best permanent tan ever. A person with her own unique style and personality that matches perfectly with her one-of-a-kind name. She is the best-est friend you can ever have; making you one of the luckiest person on earth.

She is understanding, gives the best advice and provides you with an unconditional support that you can trust with your life.

She can be a little eccentric and hysterical at times, but she's only like that because she's comfortable around you and once you realise that fact, it will make you feel so fuzzy and warmed up inside. She is a friend who will point out your mistakes and wrongdoings for your own good and slap you when you go slightly off the rail. Never get offended, because she is doing this entirely for your own sake and instead, you should be thankful you have a friend like her who understands you.

All in all, if you ever meet a Joelance in life, trust that she will be the most epic friend and sworn-sister you can ever have and be thankful that you know her. <3
I've never met someone like Joelance.

That girl can never be a Joelance because there is probably only one legit Joelance on earth.

If you ever feel lost in life or if you need some advice, you're looking for a Joelance.
by Aniles June 09, 2013
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