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To beleive something that is totally unture as a result of something possibly misheard or even dreamt.

A Joe-Lie will become so engrained in their reality that they will insist theyre right and will make up false evidence to back it up.
Tom: Hey Average Joe, you ordered the tickets for the festival yet?
Average Joe: Yeah man, ordered them yesterday should be here soon
Tom: Nice

*weeks later*

Tom: The tickets arrived yet?
AV: Me and Shane are sorting it tonight.
Tom: I thought you said you ordered them ages ago.
AV: Yeah...well
Tom: Another Joe-lie!
by GobiasIndustries December 10, 2009
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One of my best friends that doesn't know how to SHUT THE FUCK UP :) but it's ok i love her. Used to describe one that is happy and always in a good mood.
Joelie: Dude what's going on with Martha?
Olivia: Idk fam she talked shit so ion talk to her no more
Joelie: Oh shit man that sucksss
Martha: What is Olivia saying about me!?
Joelie: Hold up I have screenshots
Joelie: Hey it's a beautiful day I'm so fuckin happy
Olivia: yay positivity
by SupDudesItsOlivia January 07, 2017
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johnny depp once said: if you're in love with too people at the same time, always choose the second becsuse if you really lovee the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second
so if you're in love with elie then you fell in love joe

choose joee!!!

because he's worth it
me: i met joe todayy!!! he's amazing
no joelie anymore
by neverland21 May 09, 2018
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