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A Ring Announcer whose main event introductions stir the competitive spirit in athletes about to compete, as well as the fervor of the fans in attendance to a level so passionate that it generates a frenzy which envelopes the match or event in a sound wave that shocks all in attendance, leaving them in an aura of amazement.

This rare phenomenon only occurs when performed by it's namesake, Ring Announcer Joe York.
The crowd was anticipating the action when the ring announcer tried to pull a Joe York but failed miserably to live up to it and the crowd turned on him as they knew the difference.
by Jaques Strapski April 16, 2016
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Any guy who goes into a bar with the intention to make friends with strangers, eventually sit at their table, have a few drinks, then sneak out early and put his drinks on the strangers' tab before they notice.
Random Guy: Hey guys, nice talking with ya! I've got to run, so I'm going to go pay my tab and be on my way.

Group of Strangers: All right! Take it easy!

(20 minutes later)

Stranger 1: Hey! That one guy put his drinks on my tab!!! WTF!!!!
Stranger 2: Oh shit. What a Joe York.
by Shareeb4Prez September 10, 2009
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