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The unanimous ruling that made cornholing legal in the heartland, but only on the grounds that it be used as a form of birth control. Field of Wet Dreams, starring no personality with a nice ass Kevin Costner, was the first of one of those Lars Von Trier trilogies that chronicled the history of Joe Vs Sade—followed by Six Degrees of Penetration, and ending with Cornhole Redemption.
Burt: I want to cornhole Rwanda, but she says it is illegal.
Jeremiah: Rwanda? Is that what the red light girls call themselves these days? Well Burt, cornholing is still a tight, naughty sin sure to land you in the bowels of hell. But, thanks to Joe Vs Sade, you can cornhole all you want if your practicing birth control.
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by HearMyName July 05, 2018
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