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A Jock who on top of having an un-believable ego and thinks that the world revolves around him with his shiny teeth and pretty and dumb cheerleader girlfriend. On top of all that he acts just like a Wigga or Wangta in some circles. These Jocks are easily identifiable by how they address other Jocks and wiggas or sometimes black people. Also the Jock Wigga can be identified by loving hip-hop music and claiming to live in the ghetto but in reality lives with mom and dad in there nice 3 bedroom home and loves wearing clothes from Hollister, American Eagle, And other popular preppy clothing stores.

Where can they be found?
Answer= They can be mostly found in city high schools sucking up to black guys and any other person with high social authority. You may also find them at city malls, Fairs, Local Gym, And any other place that you hold dear to yourself.

How to avoid them-
Answer= You really can't! If one approaches you start using some scene kid lingo. (EX:Whats up Niggs? You goin to the show saturday?!?! Its ganna be HXC) They will be instantly thrown off and assume your part of there crew and will immediately be confused... In other words they probably wont deal with you again...
Jock Wangsta- NIGGGAH!!!!
Normal Person- Hi???
Jock Wangsta- Whats up niggah? Wats poppin??? (Tries to slap your hand to get your acceptance)
Normal Person-Nothing much? (Confused and contemplating whether to walk away or stay)

In a sentence-

Guy #1- This Jock Wigga just asked how i was poppin?!?!
Guy #2- What did you say?
Guy #1- Nothing, I was so confused i didnt know what to say!
by XHXCX19 July 02, 2008
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