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A person that cannot, or chooses not to keep any job for a long time.

They are the type that is either too lazy to work properly, so always get the sack, or the type that expects a utopia in a job, with perfect, polite people, easy work and a nice boss.

They look in papers and on websites every weekend for jobs and don't get a degree in anything because they don't know what they want to do or they will give it up when they find the work is too hard.

They often have long resumes and not very many refrences. Being a job hopper gets harder as you go through more jobs and your resume gets longer.
John: My mum works at the cat food factory
Frank: Doesn't she work at the pool?
John: that was 2 weeks ago.
Frank: no, the soap shop?
John: she left 3 days ago.

John's mum is a job hopper
by MelWasHere October 29, 2008
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