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A small Asian owned and operated convenience store on the corner of north F street and east Market street in Aberdeen, Washington. It's owned by a really polite and kind Asian couple who put up with a lot of shit from the tweakers and junkies in the area. They have low prices on everything and the freshest deep fried deli food in Grays Harbor. The store is also very clean. The only thing they don't sell there is porn. Not an xxx dvd or Hustler in the joint but they have lots of ice cold, cheap beer and good deals on smokes.
Dude, don't eat that burrito it's probably 5 days old and been deep fried 10 times!

Relax man, I got it at Jo's Deli

Ok. Next time try their teriyaki chicken bowl it's awesome and made to order.

Rad! Jo's got 6 packs of Rainier tallies for $3.50 wooo hooo!
by bearzerker May 07, 2009
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