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1.A ugly ass piece of shit with an acne laced pancake face. Has no life and talents. A waste of the earth's resources. Struggles to reach double digits in the pacer test. Garbage. Also the reason of 78% of the suicides in the world. A true abomination of the world.

2. The mother of all insults. Very degrading and cause huge amounts of emotional trama.
1.Bill: Joseph, you should really come out and make friends.

Jkim: You know what? You have no friends. This is why you have no friends.

Bill: You pancake face! You have no friends, dont speak to me like that you untouchable.

Jkim: I have friends. I have 4 maple accounts and the multitude of chunks of acne that litter my forehead.

2. Rapist: I'm gonna rape you now.
Sally: Stop you jkim!
Rapist: How dare you call me a jkim! Dont compare me with that piece of dough! Dont you think that was way out of hand?
Sally: Sorry. I overreacted way too much and called you something that I should never say out loud.
by M1kaW8ba# January 30, 2012
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