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-The Webmaster of as of May 27th, 2004.
-The owner of #pokeboard @, commonly mistaken as blaze.
-The owner of #Free_fma on the same server.
-Former Webmaster of the following Sites and Forums:Innocent, Beginning Anew, and pokeBT.
-A good friend
-An Extremely Moody person.
-The owner of 3 or 4 journals on, over the past year. 2 in the last month.
-A Name thought up by the writer of this definition, in september 2003, and actually used by the one formerly under the AOl name Jesse Matsuda
----------------------------------------English, from the J in the name "jess" and the mispelled german "Kaizer".
16:48 * ChanServ sets mode: +oq JKaizer JKaizer
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