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a fictional stalker who creeps on swedish men. He is very commonly known in the state of minnesota. There are many common quotes recited by the jimmster such as; "you make me giggle","notch it up!","sorry man that was inappropiate","be careful with my fat.. it's precious"," Jimmy likes it!!" and, "Hey, what's up mann ??" You may want to know what Jimmy looks like ? well his physical appearance is one of a kind... He is definitly a stunner;) he's around 250 pounds with a beard (don't forget his unibrow) and tends to wear his lucky vikings hat, some people call him The Pedofile but his loved ones call him JIMMY
That Jimmy Jenkins is one cool guy.
Jimmy is the funniest guy i've ever met
I have a stalker and his name is Jimmy
by Short<3 June 30, 2010
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