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Middle weight karate champion in the 1970's. Co-starred as black hero in ENTER THE DRAGON, and many low budget martial arts flicks of the 70's. The Lenny Kravitz of martial arts. And a pretty good tennis player. Character killed in acid bath in ETD.
Jim Kelly was the idol of Eddie Griffin's character in UNDERCOVER BROTHER.

Hey, don't dive in there! There's a raw sewage spill upstream. Don't pull a Jim Kelly!
by Lenny Kravitz May 20, 2006
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Hall of Fame Quartback for the Buffalo Bills in the 80’s and 90’s. Known as a QB with a Linebacker’s mentality in the national media, he led his team to 4 straight Super Bowl appearances during the 1990 - 1993 seasons - all losses. These tough games did not diminish the opinion of his adopted hometown fans, and attends many big games on the sidelines at the re-named New Era field, always to large ovations upon appearance.

Considered everywhere to be the complete opposite of Tom Brady in that he is honest, kind, charitable, and has integrity. Especially given that he wasn’t a
“That guy is a total Jim Kelly, while buddy over there is a total Tom Brady type douche
by Soulskier January 04, 2018
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