Jim Parsons is VERY smart and CUTE! He is mostly famouse for his role on the Big Bang Theory as Sheldon Copper. Most girls find him attractive but the bad thing is that....hes gay. Everytime you see him in an interview, he always mentions that he is no where close to being simular to Sheldon Copper. You would think that he is nerdy like his character but he mentions that he dosent know half of the stuff that his character says.
Jim Parsons
by izzy lark January 07, 2012
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(UK definition)

A person who can't play another role than himself.
If every actors were like Jim Parsons, the Oscars would be called the Big Brother Awards.

Abbrev. : JP, e.g., to be a JP, to act like a JP.

Antonym : Brad Pitt, a person who can run, who can field, who can throw, who can hit and who can hit with power.
Director : "It's your turn, let me see what you got"
Actor : "hum, hum... to BE or not to BE !!!"
Director : "Well, you're a big fat JP ! I guess your role will be the doorknob..."
Actor : "That's not fair, I'm not a Jim Parsons!"
by Franciscus Lupus May 14, 2016
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