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A killing method in the Battlefield game series where the player plants massive amounts of C4 on a jeep, buggy or other fast moving ground vehicle and crashes it into enemy tanks, infantry, etc. while jumping out and detonating the explosives, causing massive destruction and death as well as generating a high amount of lulz.
A downside of this is that when your vehicle is full of C4, it's also extra vulnerable to enemy fire. One unsuspecting enemy can fire a shotgun at the jeep and watch it suddenly go sky high. You could almost see the WTF expression on his face.

For extra boss points you can go full throttle over a ramp and crash the jeep into a low flying helicopter.

It's even better when you start receiving hatemail from players.
When we saw the enemy approaching with an armada of tanks, we all grabbed a vehicle and went jihad Jeep on their asses!
by Bitter asshole December 24, 2011
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