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The best friend anyone could ever have.

Jicole is someone who is extremely loyal, and will expect absolute loyalty in return. Usually a Taurus. A Jicole will make the best parent, and has fierce drive and integrity. She works hard, and is prepared to work long hours.

She is intelligent and thinks on her feet. She is strong, independent and beautiful!
She Always has great hair, that changes colors or styles often.She has a nice laugh.Has been know to party like a rockstar and will Beat a B*tch Down if she is not careful!
Will occasionally drink Chardonnay, but prefers it to be cold.Likes green food, broccoli, skittles...Loves the color red.
"I love Jicole."

"She is no Jicole."

"Don't go Jicole on her ass"
by Sprinks15 February 03, 2010
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