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A magical word which, when spoken, will cause the speaker to mysteriously turn into a banana. There is no scientific explanation Supporting this phenomenon. Many philosophers believe that the enchantment was created in the mid 1400's by the famous sorcerer lurblepurbins. Evidence suggests that the enchantment was created as a gift to the banana gods, Banano and Banani. According to ancient texts, the banana gods were unpleased by their gift, and as a punishment, they turned everyone in the entire kingdom of Gooplesmootz into bananas.
Billy: hey jimmy
Jimmy: what!
Billy: read what i wrote on the paper out loud
Jimmy: ok, jibblywiffers "poof"
Billy: hahaha, your a banana!
Jimmy: whoa, what happened?
Billy: i turned you into a banana!
Jimmy: please, turn me back!
Billy: id rather just eat you
Jimmy: nooo!
Billy: "eats jimmy"
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by kruz williams March 20, 2017
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