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Jeydical, its another word for "Jeydon", (which is also defined on here). Jeydical is a combination of Jeydon and Radical. Its just a cooler way of saying "Jeydon".
Mike: Oh Damn Dude! you just fucking broke your Arm, jumping off that roof!!.

Joey: ugh, *tears*..

Mike: Are you fucking crying?

Joey: *Wipes tears off of face* no..

Mike: Good! I would hate to see you being a pussy, and acting like the Jonas Sisters..Now that you have successfully broke your arm, without crying, you are Jeydical.
78 year old Granny, Dressed in 2009 "Hip" clothes: Ohh, child, my clothes be pimpin!

Phil: omg, Grandma, why are you wearing a short short skirt, with no panties?

Grandma: Cause, this be pimpin! I'm getting Jiggy With it!

Phil: Wow, atleast, use some up-to date words; Like "Jeydical"

Grandma: Yeaah, I like tat!. Jeydical,.. Jeydical.. mhmm It just Rolls off my Lips.. Now excuse me, Sunny boi, i have a doctor appointment for this anal leakage, ya heard?.. "be-be-ellz" (bbl).

Phil: what.., la.. fuck?
by That-one_Dude, or DudifyME October 01, 2009
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