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What happens when Juliette Lewis plays a mentally handicapped person, takes all your money in ticket sales, and puts all of it up her nose instead of helping people in need acting like she is one of Jerry's Kids. She thinks she's acting like one of Jerry Lewis's Kids, but she is all Jerri Blank. That is what happens when you take career advice from that cho mo loving Annie Hall. Who else, but Diane Keaton gets to spend an entire lifetime playing ditzy neurotics? Even Merrill Streep, who has the IQ of a tumbleweed, learned to parrot people so she could make some cash. Jewy Lewis and her news are good for people that love bad news.
ME—The guy three doors down is sending his kids round again pretending to be Girl Scouts to get his beer money. You think he'd show his junk on CAM4 like the other dads.
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by HearMyName June 17, 2018
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