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Depressed because the Zionist Occupied Government, the Fractional Reserve Zionist Banking System, the Zionist Controlled Media, and Israel got you down. Usually results from recent or long term monetary loss such as student loan debt, decreased job opportunities, inflation, and horrible bosses. One can fall into a state of jewpression from any were between a few hours or indefinitely. Jewpression on a spectrum ranges from being upset for a few hours because you paid to much for car insurance on the low end. Or in the high end it can be as severe as it was for the terrorist on 9/11 of whom all suffered from some state of jewpression.
I am Jewpressed my student loan debts are piling up faster then the unemployment rate.

Once we start a war with Iran there will be more jobs, until then I will remain in a state of Jewpression.

I am Jewpressed because money is debt! I have no assets, and I cant get a loan. So I have to work for people who have access to money. I only get paid after they inflate prices based of my work. I only get a fraction of the wealth I create. Only people with assets and access to money get to control the economy. Its a paradoux, I am Jewpressed.
by PattyPounderGtown February 12, 2014
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