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The act of turning off one's car on the down-slope of a hilly road in order to save gas. Recently, the term "Jewish Drift" has become archaic due to the large numbers of otherwise non-stingy denominations participating in this once Hebrew-oriented action. The action's name is largely becoming replaced by falling under the larger general category of "being frugal."
UPDATE: When gas prices again fall below $2.00, the action can be reclassified as "Jewish."
"Dude why did you turn your car off down that hill and then turn it back on at the half-way point?"
"Because I'm half Jewish, duh! LOLZ ;p !!!"
"My dad said that it's called a Jewish Drift."
"Aye, Schlepple my sippowitz!"
by professor witherspoon April 13, 2009
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