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The release of mega man 9 saw two benchmarks for robot master minority rights. First was splash woman who is the first ever female robot master. Second is Jewel Man, possibly the first ever gay robot master.

Not to be stereotypical or biased, Jewel man has all the markings of homosexual stereotypes. He himself is bright pink with an effeminate face, he moves in a fashion that suggests ballet, (specifically when he jumps) and his level is filled with bright demasculinating colors, such as pink, teal and bright blues.

However to top this all off is the jewel on his head, which is remarkably phallic.
Gamer one: who is that?
Gamer two: Jewel Man.
1: They have gay robot masters now?
2: I guess.
by Mr.Cthulu September 25, 2008
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