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A terrible disease only the most annoying of annoying people ever get sick from.

Symptoms: Nose picking, crying over everything, being an all around Jew, enjoying watching guys bend over, changing your normal person name to something very, very queer, having long, greasy hair, being mildly retarded, sucking at life, thinking you are a good musician, basically being the Joe Dirt of the Joe Dirts.

How to rememdy this disease: Sorry, Jewberitus is an mainly uncurable disease that only Chuck Norris can cure, with a roundhouse kick straight to the face.
See that David kid? I hear he has Jewberitus.

Taber really needs to get kicked in the face by Chuck Norris, I hear it's the only way to clear up his Jewberitus.
by Muhammed MoonCricket Ali February 23, 2009
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