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An amazing girl who radiates spontaneity. She is incredibly talented in every subject area imaginable, whether it is music, art, or singing. She is someone who is worldly and cultured, and loves to read, so you know conversations will never run dry. Her hard-work ethic demonstrates that she will always give an effort to not let you down. You will always appreciate all the little details of her character and relationship; like there is nothing funnier than all the inside jokes both of you share. She is the person you will never get bored of, even when you're just sitting next to her in a non-awkward silence. Jetz Anne is the girl you want to know you better than anyone else. Tell her anything and she will never judge you, and will always remember. And when she says 'goodbye' she leaves you contemplating over whether or not you deserve to have her in your life. Hopefully, she will also be my date to Homecoming.
Jetz Anne drives a Lexus with an awesome leather interior.
by Ripped-studders September 24, 2014
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