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A girl who only wants to be herself, and gets put down because of it. One who's not afraid to speak her mind, and often gets scolded for it. She'll never say what her heart tells her to, and often gets confused with the word "beauty", which she owns, thinking she has to look a certain way to be beautiful. She likes magic and romance and falls a bit too hard for someone who seems perfect, when in reality, he'll never realize what a beautiful girl she is until it's too late. She always puts her friends needs before hers, even if it means she'll be in big trouble. She does well in school, loves to sing, and is the funniest girl in town, and if you become friends with her, you'll feel amazing inside. Her name can also be confused or abbreviated to Jessie, Jess, or Jessica, Jessica being the name she hates being called the most.
Student 1: That girl over there is weird... Why is she singing out loud?
Student 2: Oh, that's Jesylyn. She's just being herself. Isn't her voice amazing?

Friend 1: Jess, I love you so much, you make my day better!
Friend 2: Yeah, and you're so pretty and funny, I'm glad we're friends!
Jesylyn: Awww, thanks guys.

Jesylyn: Hey, wanna hear a dirty joke? Okay, so there were these too priests in a convent....
by stargazer44 November 29, 2011
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