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One of the best Lyrical rappers, right up there with Immortal Technique. Sadly not many people know of Sham cause he is so underground and only has Bootleg tapes out which you can only really find in Philly, but by next year he will be known and hopefully have Cd's available to buy, yet never will be listened to millions and go platinum since he is so anti-Commercial and hates everything about the Hip-pop rappers on MTV and radio. His best song is "Death toll" one of the the most lyrical damaging songs you will ever hear, 3 and half minutes of a nonstoping flow and completely complex lyrics nobody could ever touch.
Sham would never sell out no matter how money u offer him.
by jiggityjacksmak March 01, 2005
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An awesome MC . I got a bootleg of him with about 5 of his songs on it. Each are absolutley crazy. His big attention getter is the lyrics, the metaphors are just incredible and he has a non stop flow which is as smooth as it gets. My faveorite song was "off the air" sham completly comes at the commercial rap scene and completley tears 50cent in nuthing, then rips up all the record companies and exposes the bull-shit they put out, the best part iz dat nobody could fuck with this song cause of the incredibly complex lyrics. another amazing song was The Answer? getting as deep as anybody could with amazing lyrical content, My personal favorite though is "Death Toll" this song is just too sick, the lyics are tottaly crazy and ill. Sham is a must get for real hip-hop fans, try to find a bootleg of some of his songs, or just be patient untill he finally come out with material you you can buy.
Jester Sham- an awsome rapper who would tear anybody who steps to him.
by josepheram March 13, 2005
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