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Jessie Raymond Castleberry is a thicc boi. He doesn't like his first name because it sounds like a girl's name, so he goes my Raymond. He LOVES Star Wars. If he is thinking about Star Wars, nothing else can distract him. His wife is super unlucky because she doesn't know that he acctually is a closet gay. He's almost as far in the closet as Dean Winchester. Everyone hates him because he is a very mean person, but everyone acctually secretly loves him. He doesn't care if you make fun of him, but if someone does something wrong, then he will become very mad and yell at that person. When a person is finally free from him, he always comes back. His thicness is too much for the world, so he stays inside all day. He tries to be cool, so he always wears his visors backwards. He hates it when people don't tuck-in their shirts.
Jessie Raymond Castleberry is more thicc than your mom.
by my6000lblife July 14, 2018
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