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- Sleepy head of Girls' Generation. Hates cucumbers. Ice Princess to be defined exactly. Arrogant and high pitched lady. Violent. Believed to be another Shikshin of SNSD. And btw, she's a member of Girls' Generation.

- Paired Up with Taeyeon as they made the Byun Vocalists.

- Yuri's Wife.

- She and Tiffany are the derp couple.

- Sunny and she are the dumb couple.

- Have a large number of fanboys.
Omg! Jessica Jung is so cute!
by idontcarewhattheysay July 10, 2011
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A lead vocalist in the nine-member group SNSD (or Girl's Generation). Although she has had the most plastic surgery out of nine girls she was and still is one of the prettiest in the group with the most unique charm.

She is also the most trained and educated in performing arts within the group therefore often considered the most talented.
While Jess works hard on her relationship and career with SNSD she also has had quite a large amount of good luck with a solo broadway career by appearing as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde The Musical (Korea's version anyway). Because of Jess's much success on her own career she is not able to be on a lot of TV shows, photo shoots, or interviews at the same time as the rest of the members because she has a completely different schedule.
Jessica is often called Sica, "Smelling Sica", or Ice Princess by most true fans and bandmates, she also plays piano and speaks English fluently since she was born and raised in California. Sica hates cucumbers and any type of melons to the point where she is almost afraid of them, mainly because she doesn't like the smell (Jess likes to smell things often). Jess is also a terrible cook and is very spacey, when Jess laughs the reaction is usually delayed and she does laugh a lot. But we all love her anyway. She is also a sly prankster, just try watching SNSD's Hello Baby, playing pranks on her bandmates seems to be her all time high which usually makes her the center of a good laugh.
I want to be just like Jessica Jung some day!
by SV75 January 12, 2011
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