Jessica Belvins is the wife of famous youtuber and twitch streamer Ninga. he is most famously known for his fortnite videos, in witch he get the gay royale each time. Jessica is also known for her amazing pussy. Unfortunatly, ninga ( aka nigga) is to busy fortnutting all over his PC for sex. one day, jessica got really tired of ninga not cumming in her vag. she took his gaming mouse and crammed that shit right up her pussy, hoping that ninga would finaly fuck her. instead, he took his pickaxe a fortnite tool, and loot laked that bitch so hard that she died. RIP Jessica you was my nigga.
"hey cunt, you ever fucked that hoe Jessica Belvins?"
"Nah nigga, im too afraid that ningas going to double pump my bitch ass if i come close"
"damn that's tough"
by bigblackcook69 February 20, 2019