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Jesse Standard Time (JST) is based on the present time zone plus 15 minutes. It's not a standard 15 minutes however and in some cases could be upwards of real-time plus 30 minutes or even 60 minutes.

The origin of Jesse Standard Time is somewhat unknown, but it’s believe it dates back approximately 40 years to 1969.

Jesse Standard Time was first discovered by the author of this term back in 1990. At that time JST was typically only approximately 5 minutes behind real time however over the years JST has increasingly fallen farther behind. Based on statistical analysis of JST over the past 20 years by a team of scientists commissioned by Father time it has been concluded that given the current rate of "time slippage" JST will be a full calendar day behind by sometime in August of the year 2044.

JST cannot be adjusted or altered by any known force in the universe. Many have attempted to compensate for the difference in JST vs. real time by adjusting schedules by up to 30 minutes in hopes to negate the effect. These futile attempts have routinely come up short and have been known to cause JST to slip even farther than normal.

This author recommends that those trying to ignore its existence or to resist JST should just accept it. JST should be embraced by all. JST is a very powerful tool and resistance to its forces will most likely negatively impact your daily schedule, but if used correctly can actually increase the amount of time in your day.
Boss: "Hey Bob, where have you been? We start work here at 8:00AM... It's 8:20AM!!"

Worker: "I'm not late, I'm running on JST."

Boss: "JST, what's that?"

Worker: "That's Jesse Standard Time of course."
by jsfathertime April 22, 2009
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