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The equivalent of Chuck Norris to the e-world of League of Legends


The Saga of Jesse Perring

- When Jesse Perring enters a game, the Baron ragequits.
- Items in the shop pay Jesse Perring to be used.
- Jesse Perring's ELO is longer than pi.
- When Jesse Perring gets in range, turrets target themselves.
- When Jesse Perring uses Karthus's ultimate, several people in Asia die.
- When Blitzcrank uses Rocket Grab, he is pulled to Jesse Perring.
- Jesse Perring plays League of Legends with the monitor off.
- Guardian Angel armor is really Cloth Armor that Jesse Perring has touched.
- Jesse Perring uses Ashe's Frost Arrow to hit opponents in next week's game.
- Jesse Perring has gotten a dodecakill in a one-on-one game.

- Jesse Perring has kissed Skribbles on the mouth...with tongue...really...

1. Can i join Jesseperringfanclub right now?

2. Sign my mousepad jesse perring!

3. I would shit myself if i saw jesse perring.

4. HOLY SHIT, IT'S JESSE PERRING!!! *explosive diarrhea*
by Jesseperringfanclub November 28, 2010
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