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The act of posting a completely uninformed statement, then attacking anyone who opposes it and victimizing oneself for mock sympathy. This ignoramus will then board the whambulance and ride home to mommy, where he will try to flame people for any of the following:

a. their superior taste in music
b. their gender
c. their sexual orientation
d. all of the above

Any attempts to retaliate against someone who has Jesse S.'d it will automatically be followed by "U R STALKING ME ZOMG U NAZI"
"man, I just totally got Jesse S'd by a douchebag on this website."

"dude, that sucks. Did you tell the dude to go buy a hooker and get laid for once in his life?"

"nah dude, he got on the whambulance before I could respond."
by hiding ahhahaha omg skurred January 13, 2006
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