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The pinnacle of male achievement. he has 0% body fat, 100% muscle. 6 foot 7, 240 pounds. Pure masculinity. he saves lives on a daily basis, absolute pussy destroyer. He is able to seduce any woman in a 12 mile radius with his charming smile. He is a brony who keeps it real. His favorite music is EDM and rich homie quan. He got a 5 on his AP Chem test, making him a superior being to Wyatt. His hair shines bright like a carrot cake, so tasty, so nice. He likes thicc girls only, 250+ pounds. He considers himself a gamer, and is a member of Esports colorado team in overwatch. His life is devoted towards Lark Burger, "The best burger ever made".
That carrot kind of looks like Jesse Hettleman!
by Austin Hurd June 03, 2018
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