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Occurs when a driver is first in line at stop light and needs to turn left: The act of, when a stop light turns green, turning across traffic before the motorist facing you at said stop light (who has the right of way) has a chance to go staight through the intersection.
"I was stopped in my car, first in line waiting on a green light when I started adjusting my radio. I looked up, the light was green, and the guy in the car across the intersection from me turned left before I could go straight. I had the right of way. The fucker got me with the Jersey Jump."
by Lance Frank Morris June 21, 2006
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When you make a left turn at a light as soon as it turns green, jumping the cars coming the other direction.
I'm in a hurry, gonna go for the jersey jump.
by o_.._o August 20, 2015
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