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A jersey foul is the act of wearing a professional or collegiate sports jersey in a manner that could potentially label the wearer as a douchebag. The jersey foul is typically unbeknownst to the wearer.

1. Putting your own first or last name on the back of a professional or college sports jersey.
2. Putting the name of a player on the back of a team's jersey for whom the player never actually played for.
3. Cutting two different player jerseys in half and having them sewn together to create a hybrid name and number of both players. Cutting the same player's home and away jersey in half and sewing them together is also a foul.
4. Wearing a jersey to a game where neither the player or team of said jersey is playing in that game.
5. Putting the classic name of a hallowed sports figure on the back of his team's jersey when the player never actually had his name on the jersey itself due to the team's uniform standards during that period of time (i.e. putting "Ruth" on the back of a Yankee's jersey with the number 3)
6. Custom making a jersey with the nickname of a famous athlete on the back of the teams jersey with the player's number.
7. A jersey foul constitutes putting any name or phrase on the back of a professional or collegiate sports jersey which does not correspond with an actual player name past or present that physically played for that particular team.

Exceptions to this rule are children under the age of 12, the mentally handicapped, and occasionally women.
Never again will I invite Mark to share my season tickets due to his constant jersey fouling.
by JS1224 January 24, 2011
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