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A small town located in central Pennsylvania that resides along the Susquehanna River. Since the beginning of the popular television show "Jersey Shore" on MTV, the town has begun acquiring new familiarities. Many people inquire about the geographical location of Jersey Shore which is, in fact, no where near any shore-like body of water. Students that attend Jersey Shore area highschool are often asked if they celebrate by fist pumping, and if many of the girls sport a "poof". Sadly this is mostly untrue, and the students are for the most part down to earth, wholesome, and untanned. The school is debatably more famous for it's required Square-Dancing class than it's oiled-up guidos and guidettes. Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania is disappointingly nothing like the reality show. Although, many would argue it's equally as exciting and should in fact get its OWN reality show.
Guy from out of state: AHH DUDE! You're from Jersey Shore?! You wanna go do some GTL and hit up a few grenades?! IT'S T-SHIRT TIME!
Guy from Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania: I'm sorry, I hate to disappoint you but I live no where even close to a beach. But if you would like to do something we could go kayaking in Pine Creek and then go to Santino's for a cheesesteak?
by chachaG22 February 19, 2011
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