Jermil is a determined individual. One who is all about FAMILY. He’s the best boyfriend, If he’s actually into. It’s not easy catching his attention. If you caught his eye you must be a gem. He takes no shit so don’t cross him, UNLESS you want to be crossed out. He’s a beast in bed , get ready for the WET sheets. He loves to exercise , fitness is a lifestyle to Jermil. He may come off as a ladies man who loves to hang out. But there’s a smart sweet and intellectual side to him. He loves to read. Expanding his knowledge on any subject is something he Loves to do. If reading is fundamental was a person it’d be him. Anything he puts his mind to he accomplishes and is successful at it. Jermil is a special person to have in your life. If he’s apart of it keep it that way, YOU’RE LUCKY!
Jermil is the perfect example of a man.
by JustAdmiring November 24, 2021
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