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The bespectacled cat of eBaumsworld. He was once a feral kitty, but was rescued by the fine ladies of the Eureka Board of Women, which brought him out of a life of scrounging for MeowMix containers from behind the 7-11 on Compton Blvd. He enjoys chasing rabbits, abusing other household pets, eating raw hamburger, scratching himself, gettin' down with a fat sack of catnip and sleeping all day.

He likes: hot women, hot food and a hot shower. Dislikes: uneducated fools that try to spout nonsense, idiots that take themselves way too seriously and most of all he hates GRAMMAR MISTAKES.

He tends to be long winded and preachy, but overall he is a funny cat that makes folks laugh.

His most favorite thing in the world: offending anyone he can on eBaumsworld. MAWWWRRR!
ebaumer 1: You should see how he peels potatoes!

ebaumer 2: Number 4 looks like Chris Farley!

JerkJerkins: and that is why I never feed my family onion rings....
by Senor Musk January 09, 2009
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