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Super hilarious dude with a kind heart and great looks. He can make a girl/boy laugh a day and before you know it you've already fallen for him. He's a sporty, smart and strong guy with a big heart and soul. Onces he's set his eye on you he won't give up unless you truly want and mean him to. He's sensetive and wont let anyone know unless you go up to him or your close to him. He will always be there for you to help you and have your back. He nice but don't when you get home mad that it. He type of guy you can't hold a grudge against and always hold onto because there's no one else like Jeovanni
Boy: who's that?!

girl: that Jeovanni, the coolest guy I know.

Best of luck in the future.
by Smiles:D February 20, 2015
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