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usually loud and up front. She speaks her mind, and everyone either loves or hates her for it. Can be described as a little too much for some people to handle. She loves to get wild, and enjoy herself. She hates being lied to, and will always find out no matter what, she doesnt mind separating the players from the gentlemen. She is known as the heart breaker, never the heart breakee. Boys are her bestfriends, she is a tomboy, and loves it. Girls usually envy her, not just because of her sexy, mysterious ways. But because she is always the apple of someones eye. Boys want her and girls want to be her. She isnt scared to tell you how she feels, and although she is loud and upfront, this saucy minx also has a soft, quiet and passionate side. she loves to have a good time, and goes all out when she does, when she has that special someone in mind, youll see a whole new side of her, loyal, quiet and loving.
e.g. Jeorgia ""
by xx-sauceeyminxx-xx August 15, 2011
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