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Jennings is a twisty road course loaded with 14 turns that covers exactly 2.0 miles in length. JGP is located at the FL/GA border just off highway 75 on the FL side of the border. The track is exclusive to motorcycles, and is open to the public almost every weekend for races or track-days. JenningsGP is widely considered the MECCA for sportbike riders, though it lacks topography changes on the is one of the most technical tracks for racers.

The owner of the track is an active owner that actually rides with his customers, this helps to promote the "at home" feeling that the facility gives almost all of it's guests.

The tell-tail sign that some has been to JGP is excessive tire wear on the left hand side of the bike, caused by 9 left-hand turns and only 5 right-hand turns.

This track also hosts many CCS and WERA races in a season.
The WERA and CCS Road Races at JenningsGP are great fun to watch and/or participate in.
by DucatiDave March 09, 2008
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