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Jennifurry (also known as a munchkin) is a rare breed of Jennifer. Her blood is often pink or purple and contains traces of gold and glitter. The Lollipop Guild represents and worships Jennifurry and stands by the tale of Jennifurry not being able to sleep one long stormy night because she could feel a lollipop underneath a million mattresses.

A Jennifurry can often be found hanging out on a popular social networking site where her tribe and cyber family love and her adore her. She has the appearance of a beautiful female human but she is far superior, and beautiful both inside and out. If you look into a Jennifurry's eyes for too long you will turn to mush. A Jennifurry has the Puff of three Power girls and the heart of an angel.

A Jennifurry will win your heart in a split second and remain there for eternity.

If you have the great honour and luck of ever meeting a Jennifurry, catch her like a Pokemon and treasure her, cause she is a shiny.
Jennifurry, are you out of your Vulcan mind?

Wow, that girl is amazing! Yeah, she's almost a Jennifurry.

We all love Jennifurry!
by kaykaybooboo May 08, 2010
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