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She is loving to the fullest, and always has a friends back when they are in need! She can also be rude but only when she is standing up for their friend bc someone is being rude. They are very curious and adventurous! She will do almost ANY dare. She also can keep secrets. Also VERY strong in all parts of her body! They can do achedemic things but, mostly just Athletic things. She is smart and EVERYONE loves her. But she can sometimes be...Clingy, stupid, hyper, and likes to hug...A LOT. She's VERY beautiful in all ways but, also ugly in one way.
Jenna Beth, is a angel that fell from the sky! She has wings as long as a car! Her hair as soft as cotton! Eyes like the bluest Skies! Skin the color of snow! Yet so, so, beautiful.
by Jenna_Beth November 11, 2017
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A lover of multiple cocks, more often than not simultaneously. In some circles referred to as a "Red Snapper". Can be found in its natural habitat on a pole, scantily clad and dancing to Def Leppard's popular stripper anthem, "Pour Some Sugar on Me".
Jenna Beth gives it away more than a Mormon gives away pamphlets.
by JNeal69 April 03, 2015
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